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WPL Review accelerates the publishing of your manuscript by providing a technical review before the actual peer-review submission process. Our editorial experts go through your manuscript looking for technical discrepancies, ensuring that the research rigor of your manuscript is of the highest standards. This encourages the timely publishing of your scholarly work and reduces the need for additional peer review rounds.

In addition to that, WPL review aids a technical review of your manuscript before submitting it to a journal. Here, a peer -other than the co-authors- reviews the paper. This review enhances the quality of the manuscript and reduces the load on the peer review system of journals. In other words, this process makes things easy for both the authors and the journals.

WPL Review improves the overall quality of your paper by filling in the gaps or fixing the overlooked errors. It further maximizes the readability of your manuscript and so augments the readership of your paper and the journal in which it is going to be published.

When our editorial board receives a manuscript for review, it first matches the expertise of our researchers and then gives the manuscript to the selected researcher to review. It also gives you important feedback from experts in your field of research. Thus, this not only improves your paper but also helps you to make significant contributions to the literature.

Our experts will evaluate every research element of your paper, such as the novelty of the manuscript, soundness of study design, reporting of the method, significance to the field, ethical soundness, sufficiency of data analysis, compliance with the journal guidelines, provide their suggestions or recommendations to increase the chances of Publishers but most importantly they let you know if your research is technically sound enough to make contribution to the scientific community or not.

By availing our WPL Review you can reduce the risk of publishing flawed ideas or inaccurate analyses. Moreover, this also substantially lessen the burden on the journal peer review system.

Why WPL Review?

  • We have subject-matter experts from different niches, ranges from humanities to advanced scientific studies. Their expertise in their field can be very useful to give a professional tone to your manuscript.
  • All editors and reviewers at WPL Review are professionals with vast experience in their insideiplines. They do not merely structure your manuscript but also highlights the missing aspects of your research.
  • Our collaborations with the global research community has enabled us to acquire competent insights into the peer-review process which allows us to provide a comprehensive technical review of your manuscript before it is officially submitted to the peer-review community.

After review of your manuscript, a comprehensive and detailed report will be provided to you containing comments, that includes; constructive criticism, appreciation for outstanding achievements, and suggestions or recommendations that can be incorporated to improve the soundness of your research.

Technical review of any manuscript lesser than (or equal to) 10,000 words costs $250

Transparent research Paper review

Wales Publications extremely trusts on the research Paper review to support the authenticity and quality of the research paper and journals. Reviewers play a significant part in Open Access Publishing it validates the conducted research, and help to enhance the study, and also it helps to increase the collaboration with in the research organization.

Research Paper review is extensively following and considered as the best method to validate the research work. The process sustains the most essential place in the research publishing communities, and every research that is submitted for the peer review, it is crucial to get a pass out from this process.

The Process of research Paper review

Researcher submits a paper to the journal; the research paper will match with journal's requirement if it has fulfilled all the requirement it will go for editor's initial evaluation of the paper process, and if not then it will be informed to the researcher. Editor's initial evaluation of paper can also reject the paper. It will inform to the research, if it is considered as worthy, invite expert to peer review the article and then send report to the editor. An editor will decide the next steps, whether it is rejected, need revision or accepted, if paper needs revision, the researcher will revise and resubmit the revised work, the editor will reevaluate the paper, reviewers recommend and an editor will decide, whether it requires further revision, accepted or rejected if it is accepted or rejected inform research.

Giving the honest peer review for research paper required the expertise in the field of the specific subject, there is a need of close expertise and knowledge of the research methods and broad thinking of the ability to provide the honest review.

Wales Publications provides the technical research Paper review to get research published faster. It is our inhouse evaluation to maximize the chance of getting selected for the further process of publication.

Advantages of Peer review

It improves quality.

Essential aspects will be covered

Subject matter experts validate the work

maximizes readability of the research paper.

Advancement of scientific knowledge

Authorized structure

Competent visions

Minimize the risk factors

The peer reviewer will thoroughly evaluate and check the originality of your research work, focus on each element and aspects of the research paper, better study design, fine methodology, adequacy of the data analysis, critically compliance with the guidelines. You can have the best suggestions and recommendations to increase the chance of publication, a well technical research manuscript.

Types of peer Review

Wales publications services will reduce the probability of getting rejected. Why think about the rejection? Get assured and confirm your place in publishing with the best services that is entirely in your reach.

Wales publications optimized your work to get a Open Access Publishing and gives you the best services to get you research published.

Our experts will help out to pass through the peer review process immediately with our advanced services There are many types of research Paper review, single-blind, double-blind, triple-blind and open review.

⫸ A single-blind peer review is a traditional approach; reviewer identity is anonymous

⫸ Double-blind is a content-based approach, author and reviewer identity is anonymous

⫸ Triple blind review is completely anonymized, where the authors, reviewers, and editors also unaware of the identities of author and reviewers.

⫸ Open peer review is a combined review

Wales publications reliable services can help you to pass the process by providing you with quality research Paper review.

We have the best proofreading and editing process includes reading the other journal research to fulfil your research requirements and the journal requirements.

• Translucent and exact editing

• Good quality paper

• Clear modifications

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