WPL Manage

Our WPL Manage service delivers cost-effective research management, journal management, and conference management services, which have enabled us to augment our mission to serve the research community.


WPL Manage enables researchers to conduct research in a smooth flow. To augment a clear understanding of the research methodology and impart perfection to our research process, we follow standardized steps to manage the academic process:

  • Conceptualizing the Idea
  • Forming a hypothesis
  • Methodological framework
  • Data collection strategy
  • Interpreting the Data
  • Providing relevant Conclusions

At each phase, you will receive expert guidance from our professionals. Our formatting experts will modify your page layout, text formatting, headings, title page, image placement, and citations/references to meet the guidelines of your target journal. We will also check the accuracy of your references and will indicate if you need to revise the paper so your title, running head, abstract, main text, and figure legends comply with the journal’s word count restrictions. You can ask an unlimited number of questions about the formatting of your paper.


WPL Manage also assists you to manage and publish journals, assigning editorial roles for your journal and enables your journal to comply with our established policies effortlessly.

  • Flexible and configurable editorial workflow
  • Online submission and management of all content
  • Subscription module with delayed open access options
  • Integrated with scholarly publishing services such as Crossref, ORCiD, and DOAJ
  • Locally installed and controlled
  • Community-led and supported
  • Multilingual and translated into over 30 languages
  • Extensive user guides and training videos

WPL Manage helps you to organize your conferences, sending invitations, asking for collaborations, call for conference papers, and publishing the proceedings of your conference.

WPL Manage creates a complete web presence for your scholarly conference and will allow you to:

  • Compose and send a call for papers
  • Electronically accept paper and abstract submissions
  • Allow paper submitters to edit their work
  • Post conference proceedings and papers in a searchable format
  • Post the original data sets
  • Register participants
  • Integrate post-conference online discussions

Get finest research management services

The study of research methods is essential for any scientific paper, it is crucial for any researcher who wants to get success in academic Research Publisher, there are some basic developments from which you need to get familiarize for this purpose WPL manage offers the finest research management services.

Classification of research data

Information is grouped in four main types based on methods for gathering, observational, experimental, simulation and outcomes. Your gathered information can make an impact on how you manage the data; there are some combined data points from various sources, that you need to follow.

WPL manage can add value to your research, by enabling the researchers to conduct research in the smooth workflow to serve the research community.

Your research work should be, usable, obtainable, accessible, ascertainable, for funding. Our expertise to complete the research methods will help the researcher to complete the requirement and maintain the authenticity of the research.

To achieve a clear understanding of the research methods and to enhance our research process, we follow the standard procedures.

• Conceptualization of idea

• Hypothesis formulation

• Methodological framework

• Data collection strategy

• Data interpretation

• Conclusion

Data conceptualizing

Scientific Research Publisher is based on the reliable information and authentic research methods that use to attain the data and research management. The scientific techniques ease the process to gain quality results in research. The design of the research is the first thing to start with the research, so the researcher should have the clear understanding of the topic at initial study, there should be no chances getting conflict related to the interpretation and dimensions, here comes the importance of the data conceptualization. When your research is conducted well, you will receive good results. The conceptualization is converting and breaking the research ideas in to the basic meanings to convince the people. The research process should be meaningful to create the theory, so get the finest research management techniques to deliver the quality paper.

Hypothesis formulation

This is used to describe the phenomena of the relationship in research communication. There are usually four criteria of evaluation that is required for hypothesis research. The first one is it should the meet with the variables, the second one is it should be tangible, testable; the researcher should be able to evaluate the hypothesis, the third one is that it should be reliable with the existing research, and lastly it should be concise and precise.

Methodological framework

This is basically a structure that perform the research methods, there is certain set of principle that layout the beginning of research. The goal is to bring the contribution in research by providing suitable to enhance the active environment.

Data collection strategy

The quantitative and qualitative information should be gathering to deliver the answer of the research questions, both types of data collection includes the questionnaires, surveys, interviews and observations and tracking of progress.

Data interpretation

The research process of research management and reviewing information by predefined methods, that will help to dispense the meaning of the data collected and will give you relevant conclusion, it will take results from data analysis, make inferences on the relation of variables and used these for the conclusion.


The conclusion will help the reader to understand the importance of the research; it is a synthesis of key points, not a summary of the whole study or rediscussing the problems.

Types of Research management Methods

Research management methods are the process of collecting data, and analyzing data; it is the essential part of the research design, your plans depends on the type the data to answer the questions of research.

⫸ Qualitative and quantitative data

Qualitative data is used for questions, ideas, experiences, meaning or something that cannot define numerically. Quantitative data is used to develop the understanding of the topic, based hypothesis testing.

⫸ Primary and secondary data

Primary data is used to answer the questions, is original information, through surveys, experiments and observations. The secondary is a previous scientific study that has already collected by others.

⫸ Descriptive and experimental data

Descriptive is used to collect information without intervening. Experimental data is used for systematically intervening in the process to measure the results.