WPL Funds reforms your research program strategy by assisting you find active, accurate funding opportunities in a timely manner from government and private funding organizations, and by offering insight into research that has already been funded in your area of interest.

WPL Funds sources data on active funding opportunities, awarded grants and funder profiles and combines it in such a way that, whatever role you play as an institutional stakeholder, you can apply it directly to your work, responsibilities and workflows. That is why WPL Funds is unique. It is the only solution to provide active, accurate funding information on a wide range of funders, while simultaneously delivering insights into awarded grants.


The main output of research is new ideas and knowledge, which we expect our researchers to publish as high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles, monographs and book chapters.

We believe that maximizing the distribution of these Publisherss – by providing free, online access – is the most effective way of ensuring that the research we fund can be accessed, read and built upon. In turn, this will foster a richer research culture.

In order to support authors, who choose to make their research articles immediately available upon Publishers, we promote your research work for research funders and institutions worldwide that fund open access article-processing charges. WPL Funds offers a free open access support service to make it easier for our authors to discover and apply for funding to cover article processing charges

We can provide personalized information on Open-Access funds that may be available to you, direct you to the open access funding coordinator at your institution or funding body. We also supply you with the information required to complete an open access funding application and help you demonstrate the benefits of Open-Access to support your application.

We offer personalized advice about the application process for your institution or funding body and counsel about compliance with funders' and institutions' Open-Access policies.

Generate funds for research

Getting funds for research funding is bit difficult for researcher sometimes and there is huge buzz in all disciplines to get funds for research, there is are laidback for writing successful application for the grants, but to provide help to the researcher Wales Publications has described some steps to make the process much easier for the researchers.

Get familiar with grant proposal

It is better to be know the important of the grant proposal on early stage publishing research, as a student you can have drafts of the proposal that has already written and you can take help from the proposal when you are writing your own proposal to get funds for research.

Importance of research for funds

Think about funding, even you just start writing the research paper, because there are many funding opportunities for the students or authors hence this is valuable indication to get the funds and for having experience for the future research

Purpose of getting funds for research

Keep the purpose in your mind, how will you utilize the funds for your research, in traveling for the research field work, for organizing workshop to bring the experts for the quality research funding. Identify the funding bodies who provides the funds for research to support the purpose of your funds.

Get relevant guidance from expert

Make sure you carefully read the guidance to save your time and the funding bodies. Discuss your ideas with your co-researcher or colleagues, university fellows, or any research support colleague. Prepare your grant proposal according to impact of the research

Choose the right outline, target the scientist interest, and read the proposal guidelines carefully, aware of all the specifications before spending the time. Propose your idea of research that it fits in proposal, it is essential to include all the aspects that every good proposal has, it makes a good impact on the reviewers, impactful scientific interest so that you get funds for your research, maximize your chances to get research funding opportunities in UK with Wales publications.

Communicate with your colleagues

Communicate with university mates or colleague, who got the funds for their research from your target funding body, get ideas from them so that you can funds as well, every funding body has their own requirements, so it is smart strategy to target their interest, and you can get these ideas from your colleagues who applied to your targeted funding body and get funded.

Finding opportunities of funds for research has been observed as one the main factor in scientific research activities, and also for individual having funds is essential determinant as a researcher. The main objective of the research funding is to measure the effect of crucial element, like productivity.

Use effective search method

When you are looking for the funds for your research, it can entice to list down your network so you get more opportunities easily, put your effort on those funding organization where you have maximum chance of getting selection. As a new researcher you may have least chances to get selected for those bodies who requires experienced researchers. There are many pre-defined tools from which you can take help to funding bodies for your discipline.

Get Research funding opportunities in UK

Wales publications provide range of funding opportunities to enable the groups and individual to get the excellent research and innovations. We focus on non-profit organizations; we play integral role in preparing the quality proposal to ensure the responsiveness of the paper by matching the proposal with the guidelines of targeted funding bodies so that research get funds for research.

WPL funding solutions

Our funding solutions enhance the research program strategy by providing you help to find the active funding opportunities from government and private funding organizations and giving insights of the funded research.

Out of the box

There are many researchers who are looking for the funding opportunities, but as a proactive researcher you should keep this in mind that funding is for many purposes like, conferences, and training, and you can utilize your funding opportunities in smart ways.