We provide a basic framework to corporate, so they can develop their own product life cycle.

The growth of corporate culture vastly depends upon the management of product life cycle from project inception to project closure. We offer a personalized explication to the problems in their research life cycle. We can also help them to index and patent the research they had conducted. They can publish their research work with us as well, we assign them a dedicated periodical.

Research Management

At WPL, we manage product research life cycle from project inception to project closure and so our valuable clients can have customized solutions to problems in their research life cycle. We basically provide a framework to develop their own research life cycle.

Research Publishers

If any organization is planning to conduct research -on any topic- we could provide them Publishers support. Moreover, if any organization has already done with the research/innovation process and now would like to index and patent their research work, WPL can also take care of that.

Those organizations and institutes who willingly publish their R&D research with us; we publish a dedicated periodical journal for them.

Research Indexing

Those organizations who would like to index their research work with any of the globally recognized indexes (like; SCOPUS, PubMed, etc.) we also assist them in the due process.

Research Archiving

At WPL, we offer 360° research solutions. Besides, management, publishing, and indexing of research work, we also provide data archiving services for the organizations, who need to archive their published data without compromising on privacy.

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Research goals quickly

Wales Publications providing new practical approaches and comprehensive collections of resources to get your research published faster

Academic industry research

The industry research group is a team of researchers who works of collaborative Research Grant UK on a specific subject. The research publishing group is open access publishing or peer-reviewed journals. Wales publications academic industry collaboration offer free open access to the researchers to access the articles easily fully. The researcher can quickly publish articles with one click.

The industry research group is a team effort to help the researchers to work on the specific area of the subject; the field specialist controls each group list. The group is a crucial support system for the academic researchers, like technical, science, motivational.

Instant visibility

Wales publications academic industry collaboration give the authors instant prominence to the published research after the peer-reviewed process. The content will be openly accessible for all the readers with no charges. The reader can easily content on the article and will not require any permission from the author.

Advantages of industry research group

• The group give the collaborative approach

• More ideas

• Improvement in knowledge

• The researcher can work on the previous research easily

• Productive environment

• Generation of creative ideas

• The researcher can easily brainstorm

• Chances will be increased for peer mentorship

The academic industry collaboration is often by the common faculty, on the same discipline, and co-work on the research. The success depends on some essential factor such as; clear objective, emphasizing on the study, participants behavior, clear perspective, communication among researchers, resources, leadership.

Productive industry research group

The greater productivity will be achieved with the group work, many elements should be count for achieving the productivity in the research from internal to external support, the environment for the conducting the study is also important.

⫸ Clear objective

The specified goal is utmost necessary for all the group members. There is always one member who has a clear vision of the research for all other research; it is necessary to understand the purpose of the study conducting. To achieve the target, it is essential for the other member to know the purpose of the study.

⫸ Emphasizing on the Research

The importance of the Research Grant UK should be understood initially before starting the planning of the study.

⫸ Participants behaviour

How researchers behave during the whole research is essential; the success criteria of successful research are how to act with another researcher, how researchers are dedicated towards a goal, know the value of your discovery.

⫸ Communication among researchers

The connection and communication among researchers are utmost important, connect with your team, understand the nature of the research with academic industry collaboration.

⫸ Resources

Some resources need the access and take too much time, and apparatus, money and libraries, know about the uncertainties and restrictions.

⫸ Leadership in Research

There is always one leader on any project, or industry research group, a good leader still plays a significant role in the whole process, if the leader is good then the entire team will behave appropriately and efficiently.

⫸ Number of researchers

More the researchers, more the productivity, but also know that is can be problematic some time to handle the team member. The team members from different backgrounds can help to create or discover something better, but when you are searching your team must give proper attention to the selection of the member.

⫸ Values

The values of the research group depending on how the researcher look themselves while conducting research, it may take some time to achieve results appropriately, but your values are fundamental how you are conducting the research.

⫸ Motivate team

The motivation is essential in the industry research group; if the researcher is motivated then they can perform better, motivation criteria could be anything in the form of appreciation, reward and award the main objective should increase the motivation among the group.