WPL is committed to help authors through out the Publishers process.

With our competent WPL Edit and WPL Manage services, we enable the provision of quality solutions in the research life cycle. Throughout the research process, our resources are always there for you. You can make the most out of them to enhance your research work as per your convenience.


At WPL, you can conduct a scientific research on any topic under the supervision of qualified experts. These experts will guide you from the formation of ‘Research Topic” till the Publishers of your research in globally recognized journals from your area of study. We usually start with the provision of customized template according to the need of your topic, so you can just focus on your “own work”.

WPL Check

Providing a quality check to your research in various discipline.


Publishing a book with verified ISBN has never been this easier. WPL is the place, where you can get direct assistance in the Publishers process from publishing experts. All you need to do is to co-create and follow your “Publishers journey” with our assigned experts. Besides journals, we publish books for individuals, academia, and corporate R&D.

WPL Check

Providing a quality check to your research in various discipline.


We organize a conference every second year to bring all stakeholders up to the esteem. The proceedings of these conferences are published in a recognized journal, so they can be officially documented and presented respectively.

WPL Check

Providing a quality check to your research in various discipline.

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Research paper services for Authors

Wales Publishing Consultant encourage researchers to carefully choose the type of research to comply with the guidelines that are defined by the journals, for this purpose Wales publications offers research paper services and set the specific authors guidelines to help the researchers, for publishing with our publication researcher must follow the guidelines.

Wales publications are committed to helping the authors through our well-managed research paper services. We are offering many research papers services for authors to comply with the guidelines defined by the journals and the guideline for submitting the research in our journals.

You can conduct research on any topic related to science under the guidance of the experts; the experts will guide you how to comply with the guidelines, from the formulation of the topic to conducting the scientific research and publishing the research by availing research paper services.

Author guidelines

There are several types of academic paper, such as scientific research papers, review paper, mini-review papers, commentaries. Still, before you begin the publishing process, there are specific author guidelines that need to be followed.

Publication Ethics

Authors have to accept the publishing ethics statement when submitting the paper in the journal, that concealments the authorships, originality and dispute, conference proceeding are the publication form, there is a particular software to measure the uniqueness of the paper.

Request for changes

After the paper submission, if author asks for changes or amendments in authorship, so the author should contact the journal manager, and he will be asked the reason for the changes, written agreement of the authors, included the new or removed author and author have the wait for the approval.


After the selection for the publication, the author has to sign the copyright assignment form, and you must take approval to publish your content secured by the copyrights.

Rights of authors

It is right and permission for the rights of the authors to reuse the published research.

Options for Authors

After the acceptance for the publication, the two publications choices will be given to the author.

Open-access publication

The use of the published work in open access by the third party Is defined by the common creative license which was selected by the author.


The research paper should be error-free, grammatical, structure, language, formats and any other error because it will be rejected.

Submission format

Your paper should be submitted electronically, or you can say online submission.


You will be asked to submit a manuscript with the address and name of three reviewers that can give an honest review.

Peer review process

The paper from the editors will be peer-reviewed; authors can also check the transparent process with WPL.

Manuscript guidelines

There are research paper services that includes specific authors guidelines for the manuscript structure that should be followed by all the authors.

The composition of the paper should be, title; short tile would be preferred, authors name, abstract, keywords, highlights, graphical abstract.

The primary information should be followed as an introduction that include the background of the research, methods that describe the technique used in the research, result and discussion that explains the experimental outcomes achieved, conclusion, that explains the importance of the research conducted and references that should be accessible and authentic to validate the analysis.

Ensure the essential things as well

The purpose of providing research paper services Publishing Consultant is to checking the basic and essential things, such as, email address, complete postal addresses, co-authors email addresses, all required files, keywords, figures with captions, tables, and further consideration should be, spelling checks, grammatical check, correct referencing, printed models, permission should be attained for the usage of the copyright content from the different sources. After the acceptance, the sue of the DOI (digital object identifier), proofs, offprints.