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The Publication of statistical distributions is a peer-reviewed global journal dedicated to understanding methods and theories in a statistical distribution. Wales Publications are committed to international open access and are reproduced to broadcast the research to a global audience.

Our vast network of distributors guarantees the published research is properly and expeditiously broadcast to an enormous audience.

  • we have worldwide networks through metadata services and standards
  • open-access propagation of research
  • vigorous research in engineering, medical, management.

Our Approachability

Accessibility is an essential concept in every discipline and provides the agenda for the coming Research and theories. Wales Publications confirm that agreement with the COPE, DOAJ, and BOAI by assuring worldwide accessibility of published research papers.


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What our
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‘’Time-saving and quality services I ever had throughout my research process. When I was writing my first research paper for science, I didn’t know how the flow of my Research will go, but when I concerned to Wales Publications I got the best answers and solution, and I have successfully published my first Research in Scopus ,,


What our
Client Comments

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Fast distribution access of scientific knowledge

Wales publications are providing easy ways to disseminate research through fast distribution access on global platform rapidly in the least time. Our goal is to open the gate for the researcher to change and increase the scientific knowledge among the people and transfer the information through the highly effective medium of publication.

Aim of research publishing

Wales Publications Research In UK aim is to serve the researchers through the fast distribution access and publication of remarkable developments in various disciplines, and a secondary aim of publishing research is to provide the researcher with a platform for the discovery and discussions on the latest and existing research to advance and introduce the information by conducting and disseminating the research on a global platform.

Editorial panel

We have the most experienced and senior editors of academic-industry and subject matter experts. Wales publications has an editorial panel, and all the decision regarding the research is made by our internal team of professionals. Our editors follow the best research strategies and techniques and improvise the policies that enhance the research and reproducibility and promote transparency in the peer-review process.

We motivate the researcher to engage in science and improve society.

Wales publications improve the experiences and basic dynamic for researchers across the global organizations. The fast distribution access opens the multidimensional gateway for the discovery of the scientific knowledge and the latest research in the medical and science journals.

Expansion of scientific knowledge

Wales Publications Research in UK is the top leading global resource for the management, analytics, publishing, indexing, and archiving, and we believe for continuous growth and will provide our finest services to the research communities and those researchers who need our help in publishing their research in recognized journals.

Scientific journals embody the collaborative hard works of many researchers and scientists from different disciplines. The scientific literature has changed in terms of expertise and targeted audience. the latest findings are important to develop the new researches and that is possible with our fast distribution access publication. There are many journals that only publish the research paper related to science fields, and some are multidisciplinary like our journals. To achieve the effective result, you need to prepare the quality paper and must have to validate the research work.

Our fast distribution access

Our journal of science field publishes through the peer-review process, honouring exclusive rights, the scientific journals are of many types, such as small research papers, review articles editorial case reports, and there is specific rules and guidelines and formats that are predefined to comply the well-reputed journals.

Easy scientific methods

Wales publications are offering solutions to aid the science, management, engineering and health. We believe in making scientific study easier for the researchers who are interested in work on this field by helping them to manage their research work with a proactive approach and spend sufficient time in preparing the research.

Scientific research tools

Our publications have advanced tools and techniques that will give you the ideas for the effective topics; that's how a researcher can make the decision more efficiently and easily. A new creative idea and the authentic resources will give the research quicky publication to on the database.

The scientific research must write in an authentic and creative way by the scientist and science field expert, and there is a specific journal standard. The publication of the results is an important part of the scientific methods.

Proactive approaches

Wales publications use proactive techniques to give trusted information, as we partnered with global research publishing from many years, so we provide researcher valid and accurate information with expert tools and techniques. Increasing scientific knowledge is a bit difficult to authorize the integrity of the information.

Impact of science journals

The journal's standards use to measure the variation of the publications, there are some journals that have a reputation in the publishing industry that makes the basics of the scientific fields, and there are particular journals that selected for the publication, and that has a high impact factor, the ranking for the journals used to measure the funding decision.

Scientific publishing process

The scientific authors are a most active researcher, the research paper written by the researchers submitted to the journal editorial board to check the accuracy and authenticity of the conducted research also check the impact and originality of research paper that depends on the field where it will send for the peer review.